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Medical Science Ignores This Pregnancy Topic – and It Harms Relationships, Guaranteed!

If you ask a medical doctor what’s important during pregnancy, you’ll hear about health conditions that are considered complications that every mom-to-be should be constantly looking for. What’s on the list includes anemia, urinary tract infections, depression, diabetes, infections, weight, and high blood pressure.

And yes, these are important.

But what is the most fundamental problem every pregnant mom – maybe like you – deals with no matter what her age or ethnic background is?

It’s how to communicate with that rapidly-forming baby inside her womb. How do you communicate with another human that doesn’t know your language, can’t speak, and isn’t even fully formed?

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The Womb Diaries

For Decades, There Has Been a Silence in the Land About Mommy-Baby Communication in the Womb

Mommy-baby communication is something that many medical doctors scoff at, something that moms may not want to discuss with their pregnant daughters, and something that some husbands are convinced simply doesn’t exist – except in your mind.

But all these important people in the life of a pregnant mom are wrong!

Throughout the decades, some brave women have tried their best to collect all the information they can during their pregnancy about this unique type of communication. However, that may not have worked too well because the learning curve took too long – and the baby was born before the mom ever felt comfortable about the relationship with her baby.

Throughout the decades, some brave women have tried their best to collect all the information they can during their pregnancy about this unique type of communication. However, that may not have worked too well because the learning curve took too long – and the baby was born before the mom ever felt comfortable about the relationship with her baby.

Now it’s time that this information about communication with the unborn literally comes out of the closet and in the full forefront of society. Pregnant moms want to know what to do to foster an excellent relationship with their babies BEFORE birth, and the underlying key is listening and answering your baby’s messages, requests, and “comments” each day of your pregnancy.

Researchers have explained since the 1970s and 1980s that the unborn baby is capable of a lot more than what most people believe – or were taught via society to expect.

The fact is that all mommy-baby communication starts in the womb. It doesn’t wait until the baby is born.

And by starting in the womb, moms – with help from their babies – have control over a lot more about their pregnancy and life thereafter than what was ever believed before.

Together, they control:

• how smart your baby is

• whether or not your baby has rhythm

• your child’s musical talent

• your child’s grasp of language(s)

• how well your child gets along with others in the household and in the world

• how quickly medical problems during birthing are resolved

• when to be born

All these things affect not only your own family but also the society you are living in. Ignore the baby in your womb and that baby will develop patterns of withdrawal from others before birth. This could lead to a tendency towards crime and anti-social behavior. It may also contribute to mental health problems for the baby’s entire life.

Right now, if you are pregnant, you want the best for your baby. You don’t want to settle for the silence in the land. You want the information in The Womb Diaries.

Maybe your mother is one of the few that has this knowledge but you still need The Womb Diaries. In this revolutionary book, 25 mothers from around the world share their stories about the communication they had in the womb. Your mother may not know what these moms know.

These “pioneers” in mommy-baby communication didn’t know each other years ago when they were pregnant. Yet, their stories have uncanny similarities that may lead you to conclude we are all programmed for communication to start – at the moment of conception!

You simply have to read them. You have to fill in the gaps of your knowledge on this topic, whether you are pregnant now, waiting for your first grandchild, or think that one day you’ll have a baby – or your sister or other family member will.

Some of the questions answered by the moms include:

  • When does a baby start communicating with its mother?

  • Does a baby show its personality in the womb?

  • How does something as small as a fetus let you know its emotions?

  • Do all mothers talk to their babies?

  • Does a fetus respond to its mother’s emotions?

  • How does a mother know her child will be an athlete?

  • How does a baby give clues to its mother that it doesn’t want to be born?

  • Does the perception of music in the womb give a child exceptional mathematical and musical skills?

  • How can a mother direct her baby to get in the right position for birth and expect the baby to follow her directions?

  • Do unborn babies respond to what’s on television?

  • Is it possible that a baby communicates with its mother through images and a voice?

  • What can a mother do to foster that communication with her baby? (Hint: it’s more than talking to the baby.)

  • Is mommy-baby communication the secret to how a new mother knows exactly what the baby wants and needs?

  • Does someone have to be open about mommy-baby communication in order to experience it?

  • Can a baby have control over the labor and delivery process?

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    The Womb Diaries

    For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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