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The Womb Diaries

Get Your Own Diary & Journal to Record Your Own Mommy-Baby Communication

With over 30 benefits from reading all about the real ways mommy-baby communication is done in The Womb Diaries, you are prepared to start your own journal during your pregnancy. How old your baby is in the womb doesn’t matter; even if you are eight months pregnant, your baby still wants to communicate with you.

In fact, research shows that the third trimester is when your baby’s senses are close to being fully developed, if not already developed. It’s when you are most likely to communicate with your baby although many babies are adamant about making contact as early as first trimester or even at conception!


Diary & Journal

When you record all the communication you are having with your developing baby, some wonderful things happen:

  • You start noticing more and more communication from your baby.

  • Some of those “messages” are Baby telling you that you are loved.

  • You begin to learn exactly who this baby is and who he or she will be.

  • Your confidence level in being a mother soars. You become certain of many things without the influence of others.

  • You realize that these nine months are some of the most awesome times in your life.

  • You understand Baby’s communication style, and this understanding helps you parent.

  • You gain the understanding that your baby can truly become someone great – and you have the tools to do exactly that, no matter what your budget is.

  • You realize that changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs may matter to your baby, and find it easy to transform your own inner self.

  • You metamorphosize into an amazing mother!

  • When your baby is born, he/she is so strongly bonded to you that nothing can come between the two of you.

  • Benefits of Using This Unique Keepsake Pregnancy and Baby Journal

    1. With the “mommy brain” of pregnancy, you can’t possibly remember all the wonderful details of the day-to-day communication you had with your baby in the womb. Your journal keeps your memories intact.

    2. After you have completed your journal, patterns will emerge from the data that show you what your baby’s communication style is. You will use this information in your relationship with your child the rest of your life.

    3. The journal helps you ease into any transformations you want to make during pregnancy.

    4. On ‘bad’ days, you can re-read all the wonderful messages from your child and pull yourself out of any negative feelings quickly.

    5. The evidence of your communication with your baby in your womb is indisputable on the pages of this keepsake journal.

    6. This pregnancy journal gives you an abundance of confidence in your ability to enter motherhood.

    7. Your unique journal becomes the most precious gift to your child who was in the womb that they could ever receive in their lifetime.

    8. You receive joy and inspiration daily from your entries in the journal.

    9. You have two ways to enter data – either by printing the pdf and writing them out, or entering them online on your computer and printing it later whenever you wish to have it in your hands.

    10. This journal is a journal of the miracles of life that have been bestowed to you.

    11. Your journal entries help you build strong relationships within your family – for life.

    12. Your moods turn to become mostly positive because of all the awesome things you are experiencing – and writing about.

    13. The design of this journal makes it easy for you to fill out and gives you plenty of examples.

    14. You become an expert in mommy-baby communication while completing your journal!

    15. Your desire to fill out this journal sends a clear message to your baby to start communicating with you more!

    16. This unique journal helps you enjoy motherhood more deeply than ever before.

    17. And more!

    About the Mommy-Baby Communication Womb Diary & Journal

    This Mommy-Baby Communication Diary & Journal is a gift to yourself, a gift to your baby, and it is your legacy to your family. Every mom needs this pregnancy Diary & Journal for every one of their children. It’s a record of the bonding between you, the distance you went for your child, and a record of all the changes and sacrifices you made – in addition to pages of how exactly your baby that wasn’t even a few inches long made efforts to communicate with its mother.

    With this unique Diary & Journal, you will far exceed benefits of all other pregnancy journals, planners, and keepsake books out there. Capture every super-important communication moment in your pregnancy in this journal.

    Diary and Journal

    View our Table of Contents to get a sense of the journal:

    Diary and Journal

    Content and some sample pages of The Journal


    The Womb Diaries

    For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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