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The Womb Diaries

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Twenty-five women from around the world share their Womb Diaries up close and personal and divulge their innermost thoughts in The Womb Diaries. They explain how, when, and why their babies communicated with them in the womb, and how this prepared them for motherhood.

Each woman’s Womb Diary is preceded by questions to stimulate your thinking and reveal what you really believe about dozens of topics. This book is a paradigm changer! You can’t finish the book without thinking differently about that growing little boy or girl in the womb!

The moms even offer suggestions at the end of their Womb Diary.


Benefits from The Womb Diaries Keep Coming Your Entire Life

The benefits from having knowledge about mommy-baby communication before or during your pregnancy are literally endless. You know and understand how, when and why your baby could communicate with you before it happens and can celebrate the process.

Being prepared in this way, you start developing confidence in yourself and in mothering. Take a look at the other benefits of mommy-baby communication in the womb to the right.

Remember – your innermost desire during your pregnancy is not to be vigilant for every little medical symptom during your pregnancy!

It’s to start communicating with your son or daughter as early as possible. It’s to get to know them BEFORE BIRTH so that on the day they are born, you will have the most fulfilling experience of your life. Your baby will lock eyes with yours as if you are an old friend.

The Womb Diaries Gives You What You Need

For this type of knowledge, you need the stories from women around the world in The Womb Diaries. They share their own womb diaries up close and personal and divulge innermost thoughts. Many of them took weeks to write their story. They explain how, when, and why their babies communicated with them in the womb, and how this prepared them for motherhood.

Many of these women agree that what they learned during this mommy-baby communication was PRICELESS.

And each one of them is a STRONG MOTHER, confident in her ability to handle every situation she comes across as a result of this experience. You don’t find that type of confidence in moms that didn’t have this type of knowledge.

And even though these moms didn’t know it at the time, each one of their experiences has been validated by research over the last few decades (more hushed information).

It’s time to bring mommy-baby communication into the light.


Benefits of Mommy-Baby Communication in the Womb

Before Birth

1. You can see for yourself it is really possible to communicate with your baby in the womb, no matter what anyone else says.

2. It’s a source of inspiration during your pregnancy.

3. Less stress during your pregnancy

4. Better health outcomes for your baby

5. Your baby starts learning the basics of your language and any language spoken in the home.

6. She learns how and when to move and sleep.

7. If a breech position occurs, you can talk your baby through it to change position.

8. Greater confidence about what you are doing during pregnancy

9. You get a heads up from the baby if something is going wrong.

10. It shows you that you have a lot of control over how your baby will turn out.

11. Your baby gives you insight into who she likes and dislikes prior to birth.

12. If your partner believes in it and works with you during your pregnancy, you will get closer.

13. Healing for those who have a miscarriage.

14. You know your baby’s personality before birth.

15. You can instruct your baby on anything you want him/her to know for life.

16. You can insure your baby learns about your religious/spiritual principles.

17. Your baby accommodates to pets and young children in the home before meeting them.

18. You have fun coming up with little games playing with your baby.

19. It helps develop parenting skills.

20. Your baby may tell you his or her name and save you hours of bickering with each other or parents about it.

21. You fall in love with your baby before birth.

22. You bond to your baby for life – before birth. Nothing can disrupt this bond.

After Birth

1. You get a great big smile when your baby is born and sees your face.

2. Less crying during the day and night.

3. More happy time during the days after birth.

4. Greater attentiveness to what you want your baby to do.

5. When your baby needs comforting, he responds to your voice. He feels safe and secure in the womb. He hears you at 14 weeks.

6. Your baby knows your voice immediately after being born.

7. Higher aptitude for math and musical instruments if you communicate via music.

8. Your baby recognizes the dad and immediately starts showing love to him.

9. And a lot more!

The Womb Diaries

They answer questions that even the researchers can’t answer at this time:

  • Do babies in the womb know what you are saying to them and about them?

  • Does a baby giggle in the womb?

  • Can a baby call out to its mother from the womb?

  • How real are dreams that something is wrong with a mom’s unborn child?

  • Can babies exercise in the womb?

  • How does a mom train her unborn baby about times to sleep and be awake?

  • What effect does sunbathing have on a baby when it’s born?

  • Do unborn babies respond to what’s on television?

  • Does speaking to an unborn baby help the mother discern what he needs after he is born?

  • Can an unborn baby calm a mother’s fears?

  • How does an unborn baby react to abuse the mother is experiencing?

  • Does a baby know its name before the parents know it or name him/her?

  • Does a mother’s emotions predispose a baby to be cranky, depressed, or happy?

  • Does a baby sense the presence of danger if the mother feels it?

  • How does a mother know her unborn baby is listening to her talk?

  • How does a baby in the womb perceive the rhythm and beat of music?

  • Can an unborn baby that is unwanted by his father grow up to excel in things in life?

  • How does a baby sense when to communicate or when not to communicate with Mom?

  • And a lot more!

  • View our Table of Contents to get a sense of the book:

    The Womb Diaries

    Content and some sample pages of The Womb Diaries


    The Womb Diaries

    For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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