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Can’t I nurture my relationship with my baby in other ways?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to motherhood, and every mother's journey is unique. Communicating with your baby may involve talking, singing, dancing, walking, exercising, listening, and many other “normal” methods. The only difference is that you are including your baby in the picture, and it needs a little modification.

By taking the opportunity to nurture this extraordinary connection, you have the chance to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your baby.

In The Womb Diaries, you will read stories about dads who refused to communicate with baby #1 during pregnancy because “it’s silly”. The baby refused to have a relationship with her father. With Baby #2, the father changed his attitude and developed the communication – and from the minute they both laid eyes on each other, they were deeply in love!

The Womb Diaries

For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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