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New Pregnancy Journal Focuses on the Human Element of Pregnancy – Mommy-Baby Communication

(Aug. 31, 2022 Carmichael, CA) “Pregnant women will agree that their pregnancy needs to be written in a diary and journal; it’s that important. However, most pregnancy journals focus primarily on meeting the medical milestones. They do have sections for family background, birthing plans, gender reveal party, baby shower party, and mom’s vision but much of the focus is on the medical aspects,” Donna Schwontkowski, author of The Mommy-Baby Communication in the Womb Diary & Journal said. “Now women finally have a journal that chronicles the baby’s communication with its mother via all the ways it could possibly communicate.”

Mommy-Baby Communication – What It Is

Schwontkowski saw there was a need for this type of journal. “What makes us human is our communication with each other. That includes the unborn babies. Many people don’t believe that they communicate with their mothers but this isn’t true. In my book The Womb Diaries. All Mommy-Baby Communication Starts Here, 25 women told their story about how their baby did exactly this. And several of them said they would have loved to have a journal to record all the unique things they were experiencing.”

Mommy-baby communication in the womb is the communication – and the conversations that moms and babies have with each other. In the beginning, this dialogue may be one-sided, but as the pregnancy continues, it becomes more two-sided. In some cases, the unborn baby is communicating a lot in the first trimester as well. Unborn babies in all countries in the world are communicating with their moms – and yet, only a small percentage of women have any knowledge on how this is done.

The Womb Diaries book was written so that moms could have the knowledge of women who had been successful in mommy-baby communication. The pregnancy Diary & Journal compliments the information in The Womb Diaries. It lists all the big, important communication milestone dates and allows the mom to write about how special each of those days was.

This pregnancy Diary and Journal also gives the mom excellent insight into her baby’s best modes of communication. For example, if her baby responded well to music 40 times during the pregnancy but responded to touch only 15 times, this says that the baby will prefer the use of music in the future. It doesn’t mean that touch won’t work to calm her baby down; it means that music will be more effective.

“We’ve had positive responses from pregnant women so far in these early stages. We can hardly wait to find out how many lives will be blessed by the use of this journal,” she said.

The journal is currently available on Amazon in a paperback and hardback version. Fillable versions and Adobe pdf versions will also be released shortly.

A sample of several pages of the journal is available here.

Find out more at TheWombDiaries.com
Contact Dr. Donna Schwontkowski at 916-649-8323 or via email at [email protected]

The Womb Diaries

For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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