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Here are more of her discoveries:

  • 44% of moms recognized Baby’s emotions clearly

  • 44% of moms dreamed about Baby and what Baby was like

  • 40% of moms were forewarned of trouble from their babies

  • 28% of moms saw their baby’s face in a vision or dream before birth (confirmed after birth)

  • 20% of babies helped changed mom’s habits

  • 60% of moms had babies who played tapping games with them

  • Wow! Are you surprised? Did you ever imagine that an unborn baby’s Spirit could warn you of upcoming bad things that could happen? Dr. Donna was stunned by this information!

    And there are more facts she found:

  • 20% of moms talked to their babies about their upcoming birth and asked Baby to do specific things during the time that labor happened. Their babies complied.

  • 50% of moms whose babies died during pregnancy had the lowest mommy-baby communication scores.

  • Three babies were breech during pregnancy and when Mom coached them, the situation was resolved.

  • 60% of the babies knew and loved the same songs they heard in the womb.

  • 21% of moms felt their babies exercising in the womb, either by choice or when Mom asked them.

  • Two babies who were born underweight had extraordinary growth after birth.

  • Two moms enacted daily schedules to teach their baby when to be awake and when to sleep that continued after birth.

  • These findings started answering those questions like can my unborn baby hear me talk, what are babies aware of in the womb, can babies be taught, can babies in the womb feel emotions, and do babies know when it’s time for birth.

    The Womb Diaries

    For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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