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Who Would Benefit By Reading This Book?

  • Any mom that is currently pregnant.

  • A parent or grandparent who wants to give this book as a gift to a family member who is pregnant

  • A young girl of woman who is planning to be pregnant one day

  • A young girl or woman who is frightened about pregnancy

  • Any father-to-be

  • Anyone who works with pregnant women

  • Anyone who wants to learn about mommy-baby communication in the womb

  • The Womb Diaries

    This is a MUST-READ for Every Family Member, Especially Moms and Women

    Never before has there been a book on this topic. Moms have kept their diaries hidden for decades. There’s a brave new world waiting to be shared and made known in a viral way. And when it is shared, it might be the start of a completely new way to think about babies in the womb! Babies will finally be given the status that they deserve!

    But don’t take the words of these moms as gospel. Read the stories. Then decide for yourself: does mommy-baby communication really happen when the baby is in the womb? And if so, what does that mean to us as a society?

    And what about you personally? How comfortable are you with the topic? Enough to face every pregnancy situation without worry and with confidence?

    The Womb Diaries

    Is there someone you are close to right now that needs this information? If so, this could be the best gift they will ever receive … as the information inside could change the entire family line from now on, making everyone friendlier, helpful to each other, sharing a kindred spirit together, and celebrating frequently the baby’s new accomplishments that take the family into higher levels in society.

    Reading The Womb Diaries is the open door you need to your family’s positive, abundant, and wonderful future.

    It all starts in the womb.

    The Womb Diaries

    For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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