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During Your Pregnancy, You Choose What Type of Mom You’ll Become

You’re pregnant! And one thing is for sure: Motherhood starts changing your thoughts and feelings from the minute you find out you’re pregnant. The hormones start early! You’re most likely thinking, what’s a great mom and will I be one?

As a new mom-to-be, you’ve most likely been thinking about what your baby is going to be like, their personality, their accomplishments in life, and what this baby means to your family legacy.

As a new mom-to-be, you’ve most likely been thinking about what your baby is going to be like, their personality, their accomplishments in life, and what this baby means to your family legacy.

And it’s likely that the thoughts going through your head may include:

  • Am I going to be a mom I can be proud of? (for new moms)

  • What are the qualities of a good mother?

  • What can I do differently for this baby? (for moms with children)

  • What do I have to do to be a new mom?

  • To be a good mom or a better mom, what should I stop doing that I’m doing now?

  • What should I start reading to educate myself on being a good or great mom?

  • In your quest to become the mom you always wanted to be, there’s a difference between being a Good Mom, Better Mom. and a Great Mom.

    What’s a Good Mom?

    A Good Mom has certain characteristics. She focuses on a few important things such as what to eat, when to see the doctor, how to exercise and rest, and how to pay attention to her body during pregnancy. She evaluates her lifestyle and changes a few habits as well. But she doesn’t know the #1 thing she can do to become a Better Mom.

    What’s a Better Mom?

    A Better Mom does all the things a Good Mom does but takes it a few steps forward. She researches the foods she has been eating to see which ones contain more nutrients, less harmful ingredients, and are suitable for her growing baby. She gets her exercise in daily because she wants to go into birthing the healthiest she’s ever been. If she can prevent birth complications in any way possible, she will do it. She takes birthing classes.


    She pays attention to her body during pregnancy AND pays attention to her baby. She realizes that her baby is living and developing from conception on – and that it’s possible to have a relationship with Baby while Baby is in the womb. She does everything she can to foster this.


    You’ll learn more about this very soon… AND find out how a new study confirms and affirms that this is possible.

    What’s a Great Mom?

    A Great Mom can never be one who does everything right! If this was the definition, a great mom would be a figment of the imagination. That’s because every day we all make mistakes.


    But there is a definition for a great mom. She is someone who continually corrects herself, welcomes new information from mommy hood professionals in her life – relatives, health professionals, and others – and then scrutinizes their advice to see what’s best for her and her baby. She isn’t be one who never makes mistakes!


    But the Great Mom is already doing the #1 thing the Better Mom does …

    What’s the #1 Solution to Become a Better Mom?

    The best thing you can do to become a better mom is actually one of the most fun things you could do. It’s to develop your mommy-baby relationship while your baby is in the womb!

    This may or may not seem strange to you – but it’s possible. Hundreds of thousands of women have done it since the beginning of time. It’s actually based on traditional knowledge, things women have known for many generations.

    Your baby starts communicating with your body as early as three to four days after conception. This is the time when your baby wants to know whether or not your uterus is going to be hospitable for Baby to live there. This is the time when the egg will implant in the uterus. If the answer is no, Baby may choose not to proceed and miscarriage could result.

    And yes, there is a consciousness the Baby has even in this early state of being! That consciousness is the Spirit of your baby. Every human has a Spirit, Soul (personality, will, intellect), and Body. And even though the baby’s body is at a very early stage, the Spirit is operating at full capacity. This is why some moms say that they “felt” something happen at conception – and KNEW for a fact they were pregnant at that moment of time. They felt the shift in energy when the SPIRIT entered their body.

    This may seem a bit crazy – but there are numerous accounts from moms from all around the world that agree.

    There are MANY other times the Baby’s early development stage is communicating with your Body, your Soul, and your Spirit! And you may become so tuned in that you pick up these times. (However, there is a segment of society that never wants you to know or understand this.)

    Read more here...

    It Gets Crazier


    And to get weirder yet, some moms say they were ‘contacted’ by their baby’s spirit BEFORE birth telling them the baby was ready to ‘come to be with them’ and be born. Some psychologists have actually studied this! And in fact, there’s a whole branch of psychology that addresses it.


    But you don’t have to know all about this whole other “odd” side of pregnancy to become a Better Mom.

    Learning and communicating with your unborn baby gets you through every trial and tribulation – and it helps you find the joy in pregnancy.

    Can I Communicate with My Unborn Baby? How?

  • can my unborn baby hear me talk?

  • can babies in the womb feel emotions?

  • what are babies aware of in the womb?

  • can babies in the womb be taught?

  • can babies in the womb respond to commands?

  • should you talk to your baby bump?

  • how do you nurture a baby in the womb?

  • do babies cry in the womb?

  • There are several ways you can communicate with your baby in the womb – even when it’s in the developmental stages. Remember, it’s the baby’s SPIRIT you are communicating with, not the baby’s Soul or Body. The Soul and Body will have to develop a bit before you can communicate with them.

    One thing is certain – Moms from around the world have been communicating with their babies in the womb since the beginning of time. However, most of them have kept this information private for fear of being told they were nuts!

    Many new moms have had a womb baby communication moment but their own moms and grandmothers have told them they were ‘nutty’. These older women never imagined it was possible. They shut down the idea early in their own pregnancies after their own womb baby communication moments.

    But that doesn’t mean that all the moms who acknowledged these important milestone moments were incorrect!

    New Study Confirms Moms From Around the World Communicate with Their Unborn – And Do It Well

    In a recent study, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, a writer, researcher, retired chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and herbalist asked 25 women from around the world to tell their stories about their communication with their unborn babies. The women were from the U.S., Hungary, Philippines, Romania, India, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and France. She then analyzed their stories for certain tenets of mom-baby communication in the womb.

    What she found was the answers to many of those questions above:

  • can my unborn baby hear me talk?

  • can babies in the womb feel emotions?

  • what are babies aware of in the womb?

  • can babies in the womb be taught?

  • can babies in the womb respond to commands?

  • should you talk to your baby bump?

  • how do you nurture a baby in the womb?

  • do babies cry in the womb?

  • Imagine having the answers to all these questions – and more early in your pregnancy. What type of baby would your baby become?

    Dr. Donna found several super interesting findings such as:

  • 74% of moms who communicated with their unborn babies had extraordinary communication with their babies after birth

  • 32% of moms “heard” messages from their baby

  • 12% of moms heard their baby cry in the womb

  • 24% of babies told mom they were ready for birth – or death!

  • 72% of moms reported their baby’s personality was well defined early in the womb

  • Isn’t that incredible? And these are only a few of the discoveries!

    Read more super interesting findings here

    Are you shocked at what is possible?

    These weren’t moms telling their babies they could become super smart geniuses the world has never seen. (Some sects of our society are actually vehemently opposed to making babies smarter! Yet, some babies were born for that purpose.)

    These were simply moms who wanted to be Better Moms – and they did it by communicating with their unborn babies. They knew without a doubt their unborn baby could hear them talk.

    What all this boils down to is that to become a Better Mom, your desire during pregnancy is to UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL of:

  • your baby

  • yourself

  • and your relationship with your baby

  • BECAUSE once you do, you establish a working and fruitful relationship FOR LIFE!

    The Womb Diaries

    Ready to unlock the profound bond between you and your baby? Don't wait any longer. Make a decision to claim your copy of The Womb Diaries and embark on an incredible journey of communication and connection with your unborn child.

    Gain exclusive insights, proven techniques, and heartwarming stories from mothers around the world who have experienced the power of nurturing this unique relationship. Take the first step towards becoming the best mom you can be. Order your copy now and embrace the extraordinary possibilities of mother-child communication.

    The moms even offer suggestions at the end of their Womb Diary.

    I want The Womb Diaries!
    Nothing is Stopping You from Doing This!

    Here’s a secret: You don’t have to be wealthy, already a genius yourself, have a supportive partner, be in the exact right situation to have a child, or have the best parents in the world.

    This new relationship is based on communication for YOU & YOUR BABY. The two of you. For life.

    If your relationship with your baby was so good that you would know when your unborn baby was sick – or healthy, you actually have a lot of power in your life.

    You could bypass having overwhelming emotions if your ultrasound technician says that your baby ‘may’ have a heart problem. You would have a plan – and you wouldn’t crumble to the emotions of the situation.

    You would ask your baby to tell you if this was true or not. Your baby’s spirit would respond and give you the correct answer. Babies in the womb have not learned how to lie yet! That happens around the age of 3.

    This solution is exactly what some of the moms from around the world did. But because they were a Better Mom, they went a step further and told Baby to show the ultrasound technician their heart was sound (on the next exam). The baby complied – and the ultrasound technician had to eat their words! There was nothing wrong with Baby’s heart – just like Baby told Mom.

    You May Be Thinking Is Talking To Baby Even Necessary?

    It’s understandable that the concept of communicating with your unborn baby may seem unconventional or unfamiliar. You might be thinking, 'Is this really necessary? Can it truly make a difference in my journey as a mother?'

    Here are some of the common reasons why moms choose not to have this miraculous journey with their child:

    1. My mother never did this! 2. Are the Stories Real? I never knew anyone who did this! 3. It seems unrealistic during a hectic pregnancy. 4. Can’t I nurture my relationship with my baby in other ways? 5. I’m still wary about communicating with my unborn. 6. I just don’t see the possibilities. And it takes too much time.

    By embracing the techniques and insights shared in The Womb Diaries, you are opening yourself up to the world of possibilities for you and your baby. Mom-baby communication creates a loving and supportive environment for your baby even before they are born. It lays the foundation for a lifelong bond built on trust and understanding.

    If you find yourself hesitating or facing skepticism, keep an open mind and embark on this incredible journey of mother-child communication. Allow yourself to explore this uncharted territory and unlock the boundless love and connection that awaits you and your baby. The Womb Diaries is a gateway to uncovering the wonders of communication with your unborn.

    Get the Mom Baby Communication Guide That Contains Wisdom from Women Around the World

    There are dozens of other situations that arose during pregnancy that were confided to Dr. Donna – and now it’s time for you to read their stories in The Womb Diaries. All Mommy-Baby Communication Starts Here.

    It’s a beautiful book you will want to keep forever because of the knowledge you get from it. The Womb Diaries is literally a how-to guide on Mommy-Baby Communication in the womb. And you won’t get this depth of knowledge and understanding on the topic during any prenatal classes.

    The Womb Diaries

    The 25 women Dr. Donna worked with have agreed to give you their most private information about their communication with their unborn baby. Their stories include:

  • their backgrounds and how life wasn’t perfect

  • the pleasure of communicating with their unborn baby

  • how they detected their baby’s personality

  • sometimes – their struggles and pains

  • exactly how they communicated

  • their response to those who told them they were nutty

  • their labor and delivery details

  • transparency about their pregnancy – what they did right and what they did wrong

  • suggestions from every mom

  • You won’t find any of this anywhere else! It’s all original content – and none of it is made up stories from artificial intelligence.

    Even the artwork in this book has all been done by a real artist, Yana Bondaruk, who was totally inspired to draw the pictures of babies in the womb having fun. And we believe that you will love the artwork so much that you may even consider obtaining some of our Womb Baby Mugs as a present to yourself during your pregnancy. These are available on our website, TheWombDiaries.com

    Your journey to learn how to communicate with your baby can actually be fun! This is the big part of pregnancy that has been secretive till today. The Womb Diaries is your guide. Read the stories. Ponder them. Do some of the things the moms recommend and think up some new ways to communicate. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

    Get The Book
    Testimonials About The Womb Diaries

    What others have said about this book is precious!

    “I’m not even pregnant – actually I was afraid to be pregnant because of everything I heard – until I read this book. Knowing what these moms did in different circumstances gave me the confidence I needed about being a mom. I know now there’s nothing that can stop me.”

     Do you notice how she was frightened by society’s blowing up of all the negative situations that ‘may’ occur during pregnancy – so much so that it was stopping her from getting married and having a family? When she read the stories, she was able to overcome her own fear because now she has a plan.

    Read more here

    There are countless others who have been inspired by The Womb Diaries.

    Plus there’s also a journal you can get to coincide with your own incredible and miraculous moments of mom-baby communication you will be having.

    The Womb Diaries
    What Type of Mom Will You Be?
    The Womb Diaries

    The question for you is this: What type of mom do you want to become? If it’s a Better Mom or a Great Mom, then can you see how this information is just as precious to you as:

  • Almost any doctor visit

  • Any mom’s or grandma’s advice

  • Any group therapy on fears about pregnancy

  • And it’s actually more precious to you than:

  • Any bad advice to never develop your relationship with your unborn

  • Any bad advice that you will never overcome your pregnancy circumstances, such as lack of support and more

  • A lack of this information sets you up for a POORER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    Is your relationship something you want to compromise?

     The Womb Diaries is your bridge to your BABY’S POTENTIAL and your FUTURE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BABY.

    In fact, The Womb Diaries may actually be a bridge for moms considering abortion. Many new moms are never told that pregnancy could be wonderful and filled with miracles of mom-baby communication with the unborn. They are only told how miserable it’s going to be.

    How sad is that?

    Get The Book

    It’s time to unlock the extraordinary potential of your baby and forge a lifelong bond unlike any other right now.

    Take the first step today by getting your copy of The Womb Diaries.

    Discover the remarkable stories, practical techniques, and invaluable wisdom from women around the world who have experienced the power of communication with their unborn babies. They have the wisdom. Don't miss out on this transformative journey.

    Order your copy now and embark on an extraordinary path of mother-child connection that will shape your family's future.


    The Womb Diaries

    For decades, there has been a silence in the land about mommy-baby communication in the womb

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